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Sunday, January 30, 2011


                                               Is Disney buying Stardoll?
With 90 million members i think we can stop this!

Well have to change the blog name to Disneydoll! Dude. Help us save star doll! Cuz of they change it to five year olds then I leave, star doll is for people about eleven and up not four to six! And think about this, all the money we've spent on superstar is now useless and we are now all fucking princesses! Excuse my language but this is horrible! All ages?! Hah! Noooo! Not at all! You cnt do this to star doll

Stores will be closed! Everything we become princess stuuf! castles and ball gowns? does stardoll really want this?
We have to do something about this!

Stardoll is for girls that love fashion not for 5 year olds that like princesses! well thats what stardoll will be turned into!
We have to stop this!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ill be off stardoll for a little so im sorry if i dont post :( im only going on to check my messages and stuff and then getting off,,, if i can ill do quick tutorials or something and samll updates but thats all... sorry

Friday, January 14, 2011

heyy it Tania here remember the stardoll's next top model of febuary will be starting soon :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stardoll Royalty Dress Delivered NOW!

If you are a member of Stardoll Royalty, the Dress has been delivered now 
it EVEN has a Stardoll Royalty Logo!

Otto is out!

 I really love this collection, it's nice and it range from 4sd for accessories to 16sd 
for the wedding dress. it really well prices and has so many cute clothes! 
unfortunatley it only sold in
Germany and Austria but you can get in your starplaza window  clicking HERE 
if you are not from germany or astria .


New DKNY will be coming out in spring or summer(not sure)
But it will be out this year! So wait!

stardoll teen trends

it seems that many stardolls are redoing their doll and making them scene. this to me looks like stardoll's new teen trend. what do you think?


the title is a bit confusing. she isnt a newbie or as i like to call them noobs. she is just new to our blog! she has joined and will be our official graphic designer! ilovebacon246 is a beautiful stardoll..onion and you can visit her HERE! se ye later glamour chicks. ;)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Want to be a Model?

since this blog is ABSULOUTLY UNKNOWN, i am making a come hoping it to boots our popularity. and YUHPP! we are having a modeling competition! [pardon my HORRIFYING spelling] its super easy, here is what you need to do!:
1. in the comments section leave you stardoll username and real name
2. tell us why you want to be a model
3. do you have any experience?
4. your idol?/ who inspires you to be who you are?

now, here are the rules..

2. must have more than 2000 starpoints [if u r a good friend i might make an exception]
3. have to me a member! [LOL]
4. have fun! and tell ALLLLLL your frendzies!


Sunday, January 2, 2011