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to achive this look you;ll need:
  1. red, and coarl lip colour.
  2. luxe lip gloss
  3. black, white, brownish-red eye shadow
  4. brown bush
  5. beown eyebrow definer
  6. purpel or red, black and white eye pencil
  7. black liquid liner
  • define your brows and add a white highlight underneath
  • colour your lips red, then but a little coral circle in the middle. following with luxe lip gloss on the coral
  • apply black liquid liner on you water line
  • then put black eye pencil on your top eye lashes and purple or red on the water line.at the very corner apply a bit of white eye liner
  • apply the brown-ish colour eyeshadow on your lids and white on the inner corners then a bit or black for depth
  • add and accessories you like!


Rainbow Smokey eye~

 (instructions will be up later ;)

HELLO! this section is a beauty related section.
example; make up tutorials
face adjusting
tinypic tutorials and more!

Tinypic Tutorial!
step 1. give a lucky girl a makeover!
step 2. click the prtscn button on your keyboard.
step 3. open up a new "paint". Right click and paste. it should give you a picture on the whole screen.
step4. you should have a tool box. in the tool box there is a dotted square [1st image on the right]
click it and make a rectangel around the face.
its hard to see the box but look close into the picture.
step 5. right click and cut. next got to file and new. dont save yet.
step 6. paste your image
step 7. go to file save as and give it a name.
step 8. go to tinypic.com and upload you image.
step 9. tadaa! you have your sites! i personally always choose the last one.

 step 10. FINALLY! copy and open a  new tab and paste and enter! done!

Adjust you face~
this is easy follow the steps:
  1. change your hair to a short hair (dont worry you'll change it back after, un like my medoll, she has long-er hair)
  2. you MUST be on editor
  3. click, hold and drage either your, mouth, hair, nose, or eye and you can adjust them to the hight you want!
  4. now you can go back to hair and change your hair back to th way you like to ;)
  5. have funn!

Forest fairy~
for todays look you need~
  • 3 flowers
  • 2 beige-ish hair bands
  • a butterfly hair piece
  • 2 teard rops
  • dirty blonde-ish/or blonde hair colour
  • coral lip colour
  • BLUSH!- pink
  • yellow, purpule, white,green,midnight blue eye shadow
  • light green eye pencil
  • black eye pencil
  • blue liquid liner
  1. dye your hair and put on the butterfly hair piece. cover the read band with the 2 beige-ish hair bands and add your flowers.
  2. (optional) add 2 tear drops at the corner of your left eye
  3. liner your waterline with blue liquid liner and then you whole eye with light green eye pencil and at the very outer corner add some black eye pencil (i have it on but u cant see my black eye pencil)
  4. use white as a highlight[under your brows] and add a touch of green shadow to the inner corner. put somepurple shadow in the middel of the eye and mid-night blue on the outer corner try to blend it.
  5.  colour your lips a nude colour and apply a coral lip colour only in the center.
  6. BLUSH TIME! its ok to over do! contour your face as much as you want with a pink-brown blush and always use the light pink blush to blend it all up!
  7.  your done!!!


  • flame red lipstick
  • luxe lipgloss
  • black eye shadow
  • white eye shadow
  • burgundy colour eye shadow
  •  light brow blush
  • pink sand blush
  • black length and volume mascara
  • black and white eye pencil
  • dark dotty right and left eye from sunny bunny
  1. apply dark dotty eyes
  2. add length and volume black mascara and colour the top half of your eye with black eye pencil and a quarter of the bottom. then, the rest with white eye pencil
  3. add white eye shadow under the arch of your brow as a highlight.place black eye shadow on the outer corner of you eye next put the burgundy colour in the middel and under the eye for depth. after (optional) put light green on the inner corner of the eye
  4. place you brown blush under you cheek bones to show you have a small face. dont over do! and with you lighter coloured bush, blend it in.
  5. ahh! next  the easy part, the lips! colour your lips with flame red lipstick and luxe's lipgloss :)

for this look you need:
  • glass green hair colour
  • crystal ice eyeliner
  • melting ice eye pencil
  • flame red blush
  • pink sand blush
  • midnight black eye dust
  • melting ice eye dust
  • regatta eye dust
  • frozen eye dust
  • pearl glitter lip stick
  • big blue bow from sunny bunny
  • two snow flakes
  • black fluid liner
  • black eye kohl
  • white collection eye pencil
  • black length and volumizing mascara 
  • luxe lipgloss 

  1. dye your hair
  2. line the top half and a quarter of the bottom half with black eye koh;. line the rest of the bottom with melting ice eye pencil and at  the corner add a touch of white collection eye pencil. line the water line with black fluid liner.
  3. colour your lips with pearl glitter lipstick found in luxe and also luxe lipgloss
  4. take your red blush and put it right under your eyes and take the pink sand blush and use it to mix it in
  5. take the midnight black eye dust and put it at the outer corner of your eye and drag it under for depth. next take your regatta eye dust and put it in the middle of the eye and then the melting ice eye dust next. try to make them fade into each other a bit. and at the very tip/inner corner of the eye, place the frozen eye dust, just a bit though.
  6. put the big blue bow on and the two white snow flakes as earrings.(optional)
  7. voila! your done with the look have fun!

have fun with it! play around and remember, IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE EXACT!