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ok guys, so this is how it works,
there will be one or two comps posted at a time no more than 3 will be posted per week. when the comp . is done i will cut, paste it in the fininished section and show you the winner and the prize! good luck and have fun! ;) ttyl! hope you win! *crosses fingerssss*

#1 Modeling Competition 

since this blog is ABSULOUTLY UNKNOWN, i am making a come hoping it to boots our popularity. and YUHPP! we are having a modeling competition! [pardon my HORRIFYING spelling] its super easy, here is what you need to do!:
1. in the comments section leave you stardoll username and real name
2. tell us why you want to be a model
3. do you have any experience?
4. your idol?/ who inspires you to be who you are?

now, here are the rules..

2. must have more than 2000 starpoints [if u r a good friend i might make an exception]
3. have to me a member! [LOL]
4. have fun! and tell ALLLLLL your frendzies!


Finished comps
so far.....
none! D: