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Saturday, February 26, 2011

New hotbuys!

Hmm.. doyou like em? I like the ties+ dress+ring

Hot buys bag.

The new hotbuys is out! it is the last item on the February hotbuys list. Its by Paul's Boutique. It does cost a lot but i think it's worth it. It's GORGEOUS! ( you will see me repeat this word alot of times (: I'm upssed with that word)Unofrtunatly i can't buy it! :( I'm not ss anymore, it expired and i dnt think ill be getting it any time soon :(
But for all of you ss's  go ahead and enjoy your life,
 good night everybody ;)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dress me up?

Today we have added a new segment on the blog called - Dress me up?
Each day i will get any stardoll member(girl)  with the most creative outfit of the day!
Todays model is : crazytschawan
This outfit is really unique, is what i would call this, none of the colour match but it looks perfect. 
Here is a pic of her doll and at the bottom will be the describable and prices

Okay this is what you will need for the outfit:
Elle scalloped punch blazer- prices rate from 200-100sd
Leather Skirt- 6sd
Elle extra wide belt-50-20sd
Leopard Bustier-5sd
Punk tights-5sd
DKNY runway tights-depends whos bazar you go to
Oversized Bow- 20sd
DKNY criss-cross platforms- 50-20sd

And there you have it the whole outfit!
Comment like or not?

Free Hat

go to zmien.info or proxyhideout.com or ukryj.info/
In the proxy URL paste
Hit enter and log into your account
Change the proxy URL to
Go to your suite and there should be a box with it inside

Free Pillow

Go to zmien.info or proxyhideout.com or ukryj.info/
In the proxy URL paste

Hit enter and log into your account
Change the proxy URL at the top to
Go to your suite and there should be a box with the pillow

Free Top

Go to slygeek.com or goproxing.com

In the proxy URL paste
Hit enter and log into your account
Answer the question* and Enter the Compition
Fake the information, you still get it
Go to your suite and there should be a box

Free Dress

Go to webproxy.ru or dostyp.ru
In the proxy URL paste
Hit enter and log into your account
Change the proxy URL at the top to
Once the page loads exit out of the tab
Go to your suite and there should be a box

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Interior store.

And once again stardoll is back with more interior stuff/things (:
I do, i really like this collection, in fact I LOVE IT (:
its goth but they have some really nice things in here........comments Do you like this or not?


WOW ruined my day

sorry stilll the same graphic -.- but it will be a new one soon(maybe).
okay now, the title might of caught your eye and PROBABLY has happend to you too (if you are a shmexxi superstar (; ) okay ill just write down the scrip bellow 
im not writing their real names but they will know who they are -______-bchs

foxxxi-you face looks like a horse
me-wow. how nice bch y are you starting a fight?
all:*say some shit i dont remember*
foxxxi- im 18
me- for an 18 year old your VERY immature
foxxxi- lol sorry im 15
me- then next thing you gonna post is... sorry im 9 (fail come back i know)
im 13
foxxxi- i babysit too
me-oh wow big deal so do i 
ramdomgirl-im not tyring to show off im 18
me- yeah wtf are you and i wasnt even talking to you
randomgirl- i was reading your fight its funny
me- wow dont you have anything better to do? thats low
ramdongirl- its funny not low
me- what ever you say..
me again- i dought your 18
random girl- you sounf like you 3
foxxxi- your mouth looks like it had  plastic surgery.
me-thanks :)
*2 min later*
me; you guys are such newbies get a life and dont start biching at people -________-
gawd. biii bchs

so basicly these 2 noobs were jelly of this shit ;) and desided to team up and bich at me.
i left them both a nice message in their guest book -.- UGH! i just absoloutly HATE newbie gawd please help me :(
R.I.P. bchs
(i know it not kewl to swear alot on stardollblogs but i just had to vent :( sorry)


paste this link inHAT;
1- Go to 'My Account' on your tab
2- Check your used ID (Everyone has their unique one)
3- Copy the code
4- go to http://premiereclub.paramountpictures.co.uk/comp.php?comp=73&u= ^^
5- replace the ^^ with your code
6- click orange 'ENTER' button
7- click 'REGISTER NOW'
8- register fake info
9- don't fill in the phone box
10- click 'I agree terms..'
11- Click 'REGISTER'
The hat should be in a bag at your suit.
If your not from the UK, use a proxy like;
paste this link into the box;
wait for a while, then close the proxy
& go to usual stardoll.to the box;
wait for a while, then close the proxy
& go to usual stardoll.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

like the new banner? lol i think imma fix it of ask our new GD to make a new one cause mine SUCKS (;

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Go to  proxy
In URL blank box Paste stardoll link:
Now on the proxies URL link box Paste contest link:
Leave proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
muffs should be in a gift box in your suite

Go to  proxy
(warning it is a threat, you might wanna use the other one)
In URL blank box Paste stardoll link:
Log in stardoll
Now on the proxies URL link box Paste contest link:
You wil se it in a box in your suite.

Friday, February 18, 2011


DKNY dress- real life

DKNY-real life

LE dress- real life

Hotbuys bag-real life


HOTBUYS Jacket- real life version

A hotbuys top in real life

hotbuys items - real life version

Miss Sixty-Real life. Look Familiar?

Miss Sixty 2009 Fall Fashion Show/Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in the Tent, NYC.
Picture by: Le Poulin / Splash News.
Miss-Sixty-Fashion-Spring-2010-1 Miss Sixty: Seem Optical Spring-summer 2010

Miss sixty-Stardoll-Real life

We're back!

That's right, after being off for a long long while, we are finally back. With more freebies, spoilers and make up tours. But get ready because we have  new activities and tons of fun!For you to enjoy! Soon enough we will have a once a week comp!We will post up a jacket, dress, shirt,etc. and you have to enter with a picture of yourself wearing that item. Post it into tinypic. But you dont actually have ti buy the item.Then your fellow stardolions will vote for the best. That person will win 10sd! (:
Another new segment is the interviewing! we will interview stardollions about Celebs, fashion, etc. So it gonna be alot of FUN!
We are also hiring new writers, graphic designers, interviwers, and the fashion segment! Apply in the Become Staff section :)
Vicky____Tania (mostly Vicky)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

YES! thats right! the 1st issue ever comming to you! rules comming soon

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Look familiar?

          This is a dress from the sunny bunny kloz collection!! do you like it?

Desneydoll? FAKE

  • This is the interview with Lisa.
    Someone took this interview and turned it into a prank.
    No one knows who really spread this rumor, but it sure spread quickly!
    So now lets stop spreading it!

    Read more at tsitardoll.blogspot.com

    Here is what lisa said about this:
    This was posted by Hazurama, the owner of Stardoll! Well, more like the creator.
  • hazurama
    The Disney story was pure speculation, nothing else. Web is full of them. 
    And besides: I don't own Stardoll, so I
    can't sell it either. 
    Relax and enjoy of Stardoll! 

February Hot buys are out!


WOW guess what stardoll isnt selling! it was a;; a STUPID prank by a newbie! stardolls stays i stay!