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Thursday, December 30, 2010

its a winter wonderland!

for this look you need:
  • glass green hair colour
  • crystal ice eyeliner
  • melting ice eye pencil
  • flame red blush
  • pink sand blush
  • midnight black eye dust
  • melting ice eye dust
  • regatta eye dust
  • frozen eye dust
  • pearl glitter lip stick
  • big blue bow from sunny bunny
  • two snow flakes
  • black fluid liner
  • black eye kohl
  • white collection eye pencil
  • black length and volumizing mascara 
  • luxe lipgloss 

  1. dye your hair
  2. line the top half and a quarter of the bottom half with black eye koh;. line the rest of the bottom with melting ice eye pencil and at  the corner add a touch of white collection eye pencil. line the water line with black fluid liner.
  3. colour your lips with pearl glitter lipstick found in luxe and also luxe lipgloss
  4. take your red blush and put it right under your eyes and take the pink sand blush and use it to mix it in
  5. take the midnight black eye dust and put it at the outer corner of your eye and drag it under for depth. next take your regatta eye dust and put it in the middle of the eye and then the melting ice eye dust next. try to make them fade into each other a bit. and at the very tip/inner corner of the eye, place the frozen eye dust, just a bit though.
  6. put the big blue bow on and the two white snow flakes as earrings.(optional)
  7. voila! your done with the look have fun!

have fun with it! play around and remember, IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE EXACT! 

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