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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WOW ruined my day

sorry stilll the same graphic -.- but it will be a new one soon(maybe).
okay now, the title might of caught your eye and PROBABLY has happend to you too (if you are a shmexxi superstar (; ) okay ill just write down the scrip bellow 
im not writing their real names but they will know who they are -______-bchs

foxxxi-you face looks like a horse
me-wow. how nice bch y are you starting a fight?
all:*say some shit i dont remember*
foxxxi- im 18
me- for an 18 year old your VERY immature
foxxxi- lol sorry im 15
me- then next thing you gonna post is... sorry im 9 (fail come back i know)
im 13
foxxxi- i babysit too
me-oh wow big deal so do i 
ramdomgirl-im not tyring to show off im 18
me- yeah wtf are you and i wasnt even talking to you
randomgirl- i was reading your fight its funny
me- wow dont you have anything better to do? thats low
ramdongirl- its funny not low
me- what ever you say..
me again- i dought your 18
random girl- you sounf like you 3
foxxxi- your mouth looks like it had  plastic surgery.
me-thanks :)
*2 min later*
me; you guys are such newbies get a life and dont start biching at people -________-
gawd. biii bchs

so basicly these 2 noobs were jelly of this shit ;) and desided to team up and bich at me.
i left them both a nice message in their guest book -.- UGH! i just absoloutly HATE newbie gawd please help me :(
R.I.P. bchs
(i know it not kewl to swear alot on stardollblogs but i just had to vent :( sorry)

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