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Friday, February 18, 2011

We're back!

That's right, after being off for a long long while, we are finally back. With more freebies, spoilers and make up tours. But get ready because we have  new activities and tons of fun!For you to enjoy! Soon enough we will have a once a week comp!We will post up a jacket, dress, shirt,etc. and you have to enter with a picture of yourself wearing that item. Post it into tinypic. But you dont actually have ti buy the item.Then your fellow stardolions will vote for the best. That person will win 10sd! (:
Another new segment is the interviewing! we will interview stardollions about Celebs, fashion, etc. So it gonna be alot of FUN!
We are also hiring new writers, graphic designers, interviwers, and the fashion segment! Apply in the Become Staff section :)
Vicky____Tania (mostly Vicky)

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